Our matrimonial practice includes representation in the following areas:

Child Custody

Our firm is committed to protecting parents’ rights and children’s best interests in custody-related proceedings.

Visitation and Parenting Time

Allow us to provide you with the tools, education and guidance you need to make the decisions that help you protect your family’s best interests.

Property Division and Equitable Distribution

Every property division is unique. Our firm has access to a network of professionals who specialize in forensic accounting, taxation appraisals, and asset valuations.

Business Valuation

Divorces involving business interests require the retention of a valuation expert. Our network of experts can be invaluable in the divorce negotiation process and in reaching a settlement.

Child Support

Child support issues can arise long after the resolution of your case. Let us help you navigate through child support laws – whether you are going through a divorce now or trying to enforce a previous Order.

Spousal Support and Alimony

We have extensive experience obtaining spousal support/alimony arrangements for our clients. Alimony is an issue that can impact your financial situation for many years in the future.


Paternity cases can be highly complex. We understand the delicate nature of these matters and are here to provide experience, compassion, privacy, and legal support for you and your child.

Change of Domicile and Relocation

Relocation of a parent in a child custody matter can have significant consequences for failure to comply with the law. These situations are best reviewed by an experienced law firm.

Prenuptial Agreements and Postnuptial Agreements

Although no one expects to get divorced, asset protection helps protect an individual’s property rights and prevent debt from affecting both spouses.

Palimony Claims

You may have certain rights and obligations to one another even outside of traditional matrimony. We can discuss all legal options with you and determine if you are entitled to receive palimony.


You need an experienced attorney who understands the complex nature of annulments.

Other areas of practice include:

Sports and Entertainment Representation

Estate and Wealth Transfer Planning

Business Formations, Sales, and Dissolution