The Initial Consultation with Your Divorce Attorney:
What to Expect When You Don’t Know What to Expect

By John F. Schaefer
The Law Firm of John F. Schaefer

[Published for the State Bar of Michigan Section on Family Law Client Guide]

consultationFew people truly want to consult with a matrimonial attorney relative to a divorce. When confronted with the possibility of a divorce and the potential need for a matrimonial attorney, most people have no idea what to expect during their initial contact and consultation. In fact, for most people contacting a matrimonial attorney, it will be their first contact with any attorney. Take a deep breath and relax. While the possibility of a divorce may seem daunting, and your problems may seem to lack potential solutions, matrimonial attorneys, through their professional skill and experience, understand what you are going through and know how to solve your problems.

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