Hour Detroit: The Face of Family Law

John F. Schaefer

“Contrary to television portrayals, divorce cases can be resolved in a dignified and amicable manner which preserves the integrity and privacy of the parties.”

More than 40 years of specializing in complex matrimonial matters.
Fellow, American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers.\Listed in Best Lawyers in America (all editions), 2013 Lawyer of the Year.\Reputation for protecting client privacy.
Author of Family Law in Michigan and numerous articles; adjunct professor, MSU College of Law.
Regularly sought out by clients from Michigan, New York, Florida, Illinois, New Jersey, Colorado, and elsewhere.
Often asked whether he typically represents husbands or wives, his response is: “For every Robert Lutz (former president of Chrysler Corp. and vice chairman of General Motors), J.C. Huizenga, or Walter Buhl Ford III, I have also represented Peggy Iacocca and Darien Iacocca (two former wives of Lee Iacocca) and Jennifer Nasser (former wife of Ford Motor Co. CEO Jacques Nasser).”