Co-Parenting for the Holiday Season

By November 20, 2017Blog

When sharing custody of your kids, inevitably one issue that always comes up is how to deal with the holiday season.  They will want to celebrate with both parents.  Here are some options to help you keep emotions down and the spirit of the holidays up:

  • Splitting the holiday.  One parent can have the kids part of the day and the other parent the other part of the day.  This eliminates the need to decide which parent gets the kids to spend the holiday with.
  • Consider spending the holiday with one parent the day before or the day after the holiday.
  • If the parents live in different states, consider a “virtual holiday.”  Schedule time on Skype so that the kids know that the other parent is thinking about them.

Whatever your holiday plans are – remember that creating positive memories and happiness for the kids is the ultimate goal.

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