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John F. Schaefer

Hour Detroit: The Face of Family Law

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“Contrary to television portrayals, divorce cases can be resolved in a dignified and amicable manner which preserves the integrity and privacy of the parties.” More than 40 years of specializing in complex matrimonial matters. Fellow, American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers.\Listed in Best Lawyers in America (all editions), 2013 Lawyer of the Year.\Reputation for protecting client privacy. Author of Family Law in Michigan and numerous articles; adjunct professor, MSU College of Law. Regularly sought out by…

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Marital Partnership Dissolve? Your Business Partnership Needn’t Also

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By John Schaefer, Esq. The Law Firm of John F. Schaefer   There are more than a million husband and wife-run businesses in the United States. There are also close to 900,000 divorces filed every year in our nation. When a marriage dissolves when a jointly-run business is involved, there are a limited amount of options available and all come with their own complications. One, the business can be sold; two, one of the partners…

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